HNW Generator - A Harsh Noise Wall album generator

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Hi there!

About a week ago, the Harsh Noise Wall generator I worked on since at least a year was good enough in my opinion to get release to the public

It have some cool features (at least I think so), to hear one example, the last Torpeur album was made with it

It's still a work in progress, some things will not work on your machine, and some bug will eventually appear. I can help you if anything got wrong, of course, but I do not guarantee anything, this software come as is.

If you want to try it out, here's the link of the release, if you release stuff made with it, feel free to send it my way, and please add a link to the release page in your album credit

That's all for me! Have a good one!

Substance Mort - I

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The first album of Substance Mort, a drone / harsh noise band I'm part of, was just released on Bandcamp.

Hope you'll enjoy!

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Third and probably last test release of a HNW album generator I working on.

The two others are on the same bandcamp. I looking for feedback on the whole albums, so feel free to contact me on Twitter (@Anadrark) or via Bandcamp.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Edit : The test releases is now private, thanks all of you that gives me feedback

Edit 2 : The HNW Generator is now alive

Anadrarkifèdubrüiit - demo

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Ok, here is a special release : this is the first black metal tracks I ever recorded.

I think I recorded that in 2007 / 2008, didn't touch the sound at all, just come up with a stupid name, a cliché cover and a quick and dirty drawed logo.

Anyway I'm pretty excited to release it. Hope you'll don't spend a too bad time.

[MSD002] -> [MSD005] Massive Sonic Destruction's releases

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I'm a little late, so I made an entry for the first batch of Massive Sonic Destruction releases. Enjoy it or don't !

[MSD002] III - .055

[MSD003] James Shearman - A Burial Under The Lacrimal Crescent

[MSD004] Deaf Ballerina - Hurler sur les sourds

[MSD005] Dosis Letalis - Wealth Leechers