h POKéDEX - Fourth Generation

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Here is the fourth generation of h POKéDEX, counting 107 pokémons in total.

Same concept as the other one, cry of the pokémon is stretched and use as a noise source. After that, I use SoX to apply some effect on the track to create the wall.

I struggled to make it sound as I wanted to, all my noise gear is in France, and I moved in Canada recently, so all the walls was made only with my laptop. But in the end, it was really fun to craft these walls (and really fast, considering other generations was months of recording, here I made it in only two days!)

Just for useless disclosure, I didn't use the HNW Generator, cause it cannot use external noise input, it only generate its own noise source. So it's kind of useless in this scenario.

Quick reminder that the walls are designed to be very similar, that's the whole point.

Anyway, hope that sound good, hope you'll enjoy!

h POKéDEX - Third Generation

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There it is, the third generation of h POKéDEX, counting 135 Pokémons.

No change in the concept, each Pokémon cry was stretched and used as source in the same HNW setup, composed this time by the Harsh Noise System made by Gen Thalz (and what a great noise system).

I said this last time, each wall is similar to another and that's the point, this generation (as the others) was built to made a great wall of noise with subtle variations for each entry.

I finish this new with a picture of the recording setup (allow me to show this beast of Harsh Noise System)

h POKéDEX - First Generation ~ Battle Serie

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New serie for h POKéDEX, with the battle themes of the first generation, released by N's Castle netlabel, a noise netlabel who use only Pokémon theme (check all the release, the're awesome).

Business as usual, I use the music of battle in the first generation and I destroy them (import the wav file as raw data and stretch them). Then I use the sound as source with the same setup for all the wall. Difference between the track are very subtle (more than usual...). But I like the result.


h POKéDEX - Second Generation

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Here we are, the second generation of h POKéDEX, with 100 pokémons in it.

Concept is the same as the first generation, each Pokémon cry was stretch as fuck and used as source in HNW setup, always the same for all the Pokémon.

Each wall is pretty similar and that's the point, the album was built to made a great wall with subtle variations (precisely one hundred of them).

I hesitate about the fact of publishing one Pokémon by one, like I did for the first generation, but finally I just released all the walls at once!

Hope you like it! Or not. I don't really care