black metal

NekRock / Ekvsvpvloshion - Deux Théories Sur L'Acceptation

Written by Ndrrk - 09 juin 2021 - Aucun commentaire

First real release of Ekvsvpvloshion, a split with one of the top tier artist for me : NekRock.

Two very different approaches of black metal, NekRock make an experimental progressive kind of black metal, while Ekvsvpvloshion is more in a classical approach of "true black metal".


Anadrarkifèdubrüiit - demo

Written by Ndrrk - 03 décembre 2020 - Aucun commentaire

Ok, here is a special release : this is the first black metal tracks I ever recorded.

I think I recorded that in 2007 / 2008, didn't touch the sound at all, just come up with a stupid name, a cliché cover and a quick and dirty drawed logo.

Anyway I'm pretty excited to release it. Hope you'll don't spend a too bad time.

S4TVR4TI0N - Ode to the Abyss

Written by Ndrrk - 22 février 2016 - Aucun commentaire

A ritual track I originally made for a split. The split was cancelled, so I publish it here.

Sounds more black metal than usual material, but... I really love this track.

Image from "Les abîmes de la mer"
Lyrics from "Ode to the Abyss", by Clark Ashton Smith