harsh noise wall

III - .075

Written by Ndrrk - 01 décembre 2022 - Aucun commentaire

New album from III, 30 tracks of 11 minutes for a total of 5h30 of pure noise wall, released by HNW netlabel.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Torpeur - Girls' Last Tour HNW Tribute

Written by Ndrrk - 24 septembre 2022 - Aucun commentaire

New album from Torpeur, this one is a conclusion to two long time project of mine : computer generation of HNW album and tribute to Girls' Last Tour anime / manga.

All detail on bandcamp, hope you enjoy!

getStatic(); - data_16fa7a55

Written by Ndrrk - 26 juin 2022 - Aucun commentaire

Third and probably last test release of a HNW album generator I working on.

The two others are on the same bandcamp. I looking for feedback on the whole albums, so feel free to contact me on Twitter (@Anadrark) or via Bandcamp.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Edit : The test releases is now private, thanks all of you that gives me feedback