[MSD002] -> [MSD005] Massive Sonic Destruction's releases

Written by Ndrrk - 05 juillet 2017 - Aucun commentaire

I'm a little late, so I made an entry for the first batch of Massive Sonic Destruction releases. Enjoy it or don't !

[MSD002] III - .055

[MSD003] James Shearman - A Burial Under The Lacrimal Crescent

[MSD004] Deaf Ballerina - Hurler sur les sourds

[MSD005] Dosis Letalis - Wealth Leechers

[MSD001] Worship Sonic Destruction Vol. I

Written by Ndrrk - 08 mai 2017 - Aucun commentaire

First release of Massive Sonic Destruction, a compilation of 28 tracks for almost 7 hours of HNW.

You can now send your wall to if you want to be released on Massive Sonic Destruction.

Enjoy !