harsh noise wall

III - .017

Written by Ndrrk - 09 novembre 2014 - Aucun commentaire

New walls from III was released by Tera-AntiQu.
Artwork was made by myself, the layout (made by Tera AntiQu) looks like an old-school raw black metal release, I love it.

The CDr released is available directly from Tera-AntiQu (check the website for details).

I have a few copies too (to contact me, search by yourself), if you only want to listen, be patient while I upload it on Bandcamp.

EDIT : You can listen and download it on Bandcamp.

III - .020

Written by Ndrrk - 02 novembre 2014 - Aucun commentaire

New walls.
Both tracks are made with white noise, through SF300, DS-1 (from BOSS), UM300 and UO300 for RAW 041 and through SF300, DS-1 and UM300 for RAW042.

RAW041 is different from my usual work, less aggressive.

III - .019

Written by Ndrrk - 27 octobre 2014 - Aucun commentaire

Track was made with PureData.
I wanted to make a longer piece of noise, but harddrive are not agree with that. Another time, for sure.

Cover by myself.

III - .016 on Nahàsh Atrym Productions

Written by Ndrrk - 24 octobre 2014 - Aucun commentaire

New walls released by Nahàsh Atrym Productions.
Made with my tape reader, playing the void, and usual gears (UM300, SF300 and UO300) and PureData patch (for EQ and reverb).

Cover was made by Nahàsh, and it's really awesome.

(Not) enjoy !

III - .018

Written by Ndrrk - 22 octobre 2014 - Aucun commentaire

Another walls of III.

Same settings on two tracks, RAW038 was made with sound of rain and RAW039 with sound of fire.
Artwork made by myself

Hope you (not) enjoy it.