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Torpeur - Girls' Last Tour HNW Tribute

Written by Ndrrk - 24 septembre 2022 - Aucun commentaire

New album from Torpeur, this one is a conclusion to two long time project of mine : computer generation of HNW album and tribute to Girls' Last Tour anime / manga.

All detail on bandcamp, hope you enjoy!

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Written by Ndrrk - 26 juin 2022 - Aucun commentaire

Third and probably last test release of a HNW album generator I working on.

The two others are on the same bandcamp. I looking for feedback on the whole albums, so feel free to contact me on Twitter (@Anadrark) or via Bandcamp.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Edit : The test releases is now private, thanks all of you that gives me feedback

Edit 2 : The HNW Generator is now alive

h POKéDEX - Third Generation

Written by Ndrrk - 22 novembre 2020 - Aucun commentaire

There it is, the third generation of h POKéDEX, counting 135 Pokémons.

No change in the concept, each Pokémon cry was stretched and used as source in the same HNW setup, composed this time by the Harsh Noise System made by Gen Thalz (and what a great noise system).

I said this last time, each wall is similar to another and that's the point, this generation (as the others) was built to made a great wall of noise with subtle variations for each entry.

I finish this new with a picture of the recording setup (allow me to show this beast of Harsh Noise System)