NekRock / Ekvsvpvloshion - Deux Théories Sur L'Acceptation

Written by Ndrrk -

First real release of Ekvsvpvloshion, a split with one of the top tier artist for me : NekRock.

Two very different approaches of black metal, NekRock make an experimental progressive kind of black metal, while Ekvsvpvloshion is more in a classical approach of "true black metal".


III - .074

Written by Ndrrk -

New walls from III. Enjoy!

Anadrarkifèdubrüiit - demo

Written by Ndrrk -

Ok, here is a special release : this is the first black metal tracks I ever recorded.

I think I recorded that in 2007 / 2008, didn't touch the sound at all, just come up with a stupid name, a cliché cover and a quick and dirty drawed logo.

Anyway I'm pretty excited to release it. Hope you'll don't spend a too bad time.

h POKéDEX - Third Generation

Written by Ndrrk -

There it is, the third generation of h POKéDEX, counting 135 Pokémons.

No change in the concept, each Pokémon cry was stretched and used as source in the same HNW setup, composed this time by the Harsh Noise System made by Gen Thalz (and what a great noise system).

I said this last time, each wall is similar to another and that's the point, this generation (as the others) was built to made a great wall of noise with subtle variations for each entry.

I finish this new with a picture of the recording setup (allow me to show this beast of Harsh Noise System)