Archives 2015

Torpeur - Machines de Guerre

Written by Ndrrk -

First release of Torpeur, my new HNW project.
This is a tribute to this wonderful machines which bring freedom, peace and death on the battlefield.
Edition of 10 CD-r.

This project is to make Harsh Noise Wall with a few concept behind. Not necesserally too serious like this first release, but I cannot make this with III, so...
Hope you like it, or not, whatever.

III - .028

Written by Ndrrk -

New walls from III.
Made with UO300,SF300 and BOSS-DS1.
And a Korg Monotron for RAW072.

I planned to make a few CDr of .028, essentially for trade
If you interested, give me a shout. If not... well, I don't care.

III - .027

Written by Ndrrk -

New walls from III.
I think it's more harsh than the other walls. Especially RAW069.
Little more industrial too.

Made with PureData.

III - .026

Written by Ndrrk -

After a little break, here was a new wall from III.
Made with PureData, as usual.