Archives 2014

III - .013

Written by Ndrrk -

Tracks made with UO300, SF300 and UM300 from Behringer and a PureData patch for reverb and EQ.
Cover made with JWildfire.

With RAW024, I wanted to make a wall noise like a cracking fire, this is not perfect, but I like it.

INM.IN - your life don't deserve to be meaningful (as this shitty noise)

Written by Ndrrk -

Harsh noise improvisation.
Because black metal sucks.

Don't enjoy it and shut your mouth while listening.

III - .012

Written by Ndrrk -

New wall from III.
Tracks made with PureData and cover with JWildfire.

Just shut up and let's your brain disconnect while you listen it.

III - .011

Written by Ndrrk -

Made with PureData as usual.
Cover made with JWildfire.

S4TVR4TI0N - purification by plague

Written by Ndrrk -

A complete massacre of Strynn's track Plague Preprod.
Shut the lights off, put your headphone and (not) enjoy it.

You can listen the original track here.