Archives 2014

III - .021

Written by Ndrrk -

New noise walls from III.
Both tracks was made with PureData.

(Not) enjoy !

S4TVR4TI0N - last hope of decadent mankind

Written by Ndrrk -

New release from S4TVR4TI0N.
Sounds like a non-static wall of noise, not what I expected when I started it, but it sounds really good to me.

Track made with an old noisy guitar record.

Hope you (not) like it.

III - .017

Written by Ndrrk -

New walls from III was released by Tera-AntiQu.
Artwork was made by myself, the layout (made by Tera AntiQu) looks like an old-school raw black metal release, I love it.

The CDr released is available directly from Tera-AntiQu (check the website for details).

I have a few copies too (to contact me, search by yourself), if you only want to listen, be patient while I upload it on Bandcamp.

EDIT : You can listen and download it on Bandcamp.

III - .020

Written by Ndrrk -

New walls.
Both tracks are made with white noise, through SF300, DS-1 (from BOSS), UM300 and UO300 for RAW 041 and through SF300, DS-1 and UM300 for RAW042.

RAW041 is different from my usual work, less aggressive.

III - .019

Written by Ndrrk -

Track was made with PureData.
I wanted to make a longer piece of noise, but harddrive are not agree with that. Another time, for sure.

Cover by myself.