III - .048

Written by Ndrrk -

New walls from III

III - .047

Written by Ndrrk -

New wall from III

INM.IN - 201611ddhhmmss+0100 / Noisevember participation

Written by Ndrrk -

Hi there, I participate to the event Noisevember.
This involve making out one noise track on each day of november.

So there is my participation, this album will contains all the tracks I made for Noisevember.

For more details, check out the event page on Facebook.

Torpeur - PSO J318.5-22 Orbital Space Station

Written by Ndrrk -


Somewhere on the orbit of PSO J318.5-22, the human space station has ceased to transmit its datas.
Its inhabitants are now plagued by loneliness and madness.
They are already lost.

PSO J318.5-22 is a rogue planet discovered in 2013.
More details here and here

Image credit : N. Metcalfe & Pan-STARRS 1 Science Consortium