harsh noise

Ritual Starts Here

Written by Ndrrk - 29 avril 2015 -

I'm late this time.
The 24th of March, Ritual Starts Here was released by Ciel Bleu et Petits Oiseaux.
This release is a compilation of harsh noise remix of the legendary tracks from Pokemon.

Now, it's not available on the Internet (or not uploaded by myself, but enjoy it anyway), but I'll upload it one day or another.
By the way, Ciel Bleu et Petits Oiseaux has a lot of very good stuff, I recommanded you to check it even if you don't want this Pokemon shit.

INM.IN - Krgo Noo Tronm

Written by Ndrrk - 30 novembre 2014 -

A new improvisation album with Korg Monotron (a fucking badass device).
The second track is an improvisation of Dwimorberg, Thaurr, Obscurisis, Djillian and Lucia with this wonderful instrument.

Noisy as fuck, (not) enjoy it.

INM.IN - your life don't deserve to be meaningful (as this shitty noise)

Written by Ndrrk - 08 septembre 2014 -

Harsh noise improvisation.
Because black metal sucks.

Don't enjoy it and shut your mouth while listening.

INM.IN - 0x4d61646e657373

Written by Ndrrk - 05 août 2014 -

Another fully improvised release, not black metal anymore, this is a noisy dark ambient shit.