III - .010

Written by Ndrrk -

Tracks made with PureData.
Cover made with JWildfire.

III - .009

Written by Ndrrk -

New release of III.
Track made with Drone Machine into SF300, UM300 and UO300, all from Behringer, and a PureData patch for reverb and pitch.

Edit : Also available on archive.org.

INM.IN - 0x4d61646e657373

Written by Ndrrk -

Another fully improvised release, not black metal anymore, this is a noisy dark ambient shit.

III - .007

Written by Ndrrk -

RAW012 and RAW014 was made with PureData.
RAW013 was made with a Drone Machine (from Analog Ordnance), UM300, UO300 (both from Behringer) and PureData, this is the first track of III using analog devices :D.

Enjoy or not !

Also available on archive.org.